Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Sense of Light and Time || Letter to Fox - Talbot

Stonehenge. A place where light and time collide, and have collided for ages. Walking around the stone circle (freezing my ass off) I felt that this place was the same as it had been long ago. I felt like the cold winter light that feel on us while we were there, was the same light that fell on the ancient Celts who created it. It was a very powerful place, hard to describe or capture as an image.
The winter light in England is very, very, very, pleasing in photographs. I found that the sunlight retained the feel, slant and look of summer evening light in the northern hemisphere. Very workable for any type of photography.

Henry Fox-Talbot,
Photography inspires me to tell stories without words. It has become a major part of who identify as over the past two years. When I go anywhere, or even when I am sitting in a chair, I am looking. I am looking for subject matter, I am constantly framing things, looking at them, and re-framing them. From the advent of photography if has been advancing. Now only the concept of freezing an image in time is the same for most  as it was in your time. The methods are different, far faster, and more accurate. There are many still who prefer an older form, itself far removed from what you pioneered. To me, photography is a means of expression, whether in older forms, or in modern forms. Whether that is what you intended for it, or whether you only wanted a means to record things is a mystery to me.

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