Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Journey So Far

The Journey so far has been an experience. Obviously Paris is far different than any city in the United States, especially Denver. My experiences by myself, and with the group have been memorable. I have felt many different emotions towards the trip as a whole, happiness, frustration, surprise, the list could fill an entire page if I wanted it to. Honestly I think the trip so far can be summed up in just two photos:

If you were to blur the faces, and erase all traces of recognition of the subjects, I think you would find that the images reflect the nature of the trip. The first photograph of a photographer gives a sense of careful, introspective composure, something that would be reflected in our blogs, and our images. The second image is clearly a metaphor for what happens when you turn college students loose in a country where they can drink legally and have nearly zero inhibitions. A discord with the general attitude of "who gives a fuck!", and thus seems to pass in a blur. So far, that is how my trip has been. 

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