Monday, January 28, 2013

Twenty Minutes at Union Station || Denver Colorado

I went on a little adventure into downtown Denver this afternoon in hopes of capturing some urban landscapes. Well turns out its hard to find "urban landscapes" in Denver, and since it was cold, I went to Starbucks and got coffee, then headed back towards Union Station.

The next train left 20 minutes after I arrived, so I took a seat and waited. It started to snow harder, it had gotten far colder since this morning, and the people gathering on the platform looked cold, although many were prepared with heavy coats.

I shot as discretely as I could, nobody seemed to mind. Here is Twenty Minutes at Union Station:

 A man a train that wasn't mine. 

 A maintenance man on an 'out of service' train. He was eating lunch, or dinner.

 One who came prepared. This guy made himself a great subject. 

 Yes, this lady is taking a selfie on the platform.

The guy across from me on the train. It's totally a Monday. 

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