Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Final Class Post (The Official Title is Way Too Long)

The final post asks us to compare our relationship with photography before and after this class experience. During this class, I tried to function at the highest level of creativity and ingenuity that I could, sometimes this was not possible, and sometimes I just couldn't do it. Like I have said earlier, photography is a story telling means for me, or I would like it to be. I would like to be able to tell a story with my photos where ever I go. This trip forced me to document the experience at a greater level of detail than what I previously would have worked with. I don't think I accomplished quite what I wanted to, the images tell a story, but the story has gaps. Particularly in London, the focus seems to move off the interactions of the group, and the interactions of people, to the landmarks and historical sites in London. Initially, when I set out from Denver, my goal was to document the actions and the interactions of the group while in Europe, and at the same time get some good photos of the history and "landscapes" of the cities we were to visit. Sadly, I only worked half heartedly at the first part of what I set out to do. I, myself will say that the images I shot have very little direction, and most have very little expression. Most are well composed it seems, but I find that the subjects have little story to them, in a sense they are very dry. 
In conclusion, I would say that this experience hasn't really changed my relationship to photography. It has rather changed the way I go about seeing an image story. I need to focus. I need to anticipate action. And I need to visualize how a story will develop. I think that if I can do this, it will improve my imagery, and my content, dramatically.

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