Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Human Street || Photographs at the Photographer's Gallery

The iPhone, the weapon of the modern street photographer, and just about everyone else. Scenes from the streets of London, and the Paris metro.

Above: Jasmin shooting, and I hit the bulls eye, second shot. 

The "Shoot!" exhibition at the Photographer's Gallery was very interesting and unique. First, before I saw this it had never occurred to me that they take pictures like that in shooting galleries. I mean I have seen shooting galleries before, but this added a whole new level of interest to them. Along with the shooting gallery portion, where you could shoot and get your photo taken if you were lucky, I found that the photos of bullets going through cameras and the rigs used to capture the images safely were very interesting. (Though, why anyone would voluntarily shoot a camera is beyond me.) The third portion, the video clip shoot out was, just a little overwhelming. At the same time it was incredible, engaging and strangely beautiful, being both musical and visual at the same time.  

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